SCWIP Phase 1: Outreach Team

Community Outreach Team Deliverables

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The Community Outreach Team’s goal is improve residents’ and business owners’ understanding of how their land management practices can impact water quality, and encourage them to adopt management practices that minimize impacts. A highly interactive public outreach program will provide the information needed to educate citizens on the watershed-based measures needed to help improve Spruce Creek.

Grant Funding $10,150
Match $11,530
Total Cost $21,680

The Community Outreach Team is responsible for disseminating information about the Project to the community and for fostering understanding of the project’s objectives and successes. The team is specifically responsible for:

  • Assessing project educational and communications needs;
  • Attending outreach meetings and events;
  • Assessing project educational and communications needs;
  • Attending outreach meetings and events;
  • Creating press releases for project activities and maintaining press contacts list;
  • Supporting other project teams in the development and distribution of print materials;
  • Supporting other project team activities including, convening of public meetings, socials, and Project demonstration site tours;
  • Conducting two workshops on NPS management to a general audience including homeowners, landowners, schools and municipal officials.;
  • Serving as the editorial advisory work group for all outreach activities for the project;
  • Maintaining consistent branding for all project print materials and presentations;
  • Conducting pre-project and post-project surveys at a common public area to indentify community awareness of watershed issues;
  • Developing a flyer to link watershed management to water quality conditions, which in turn would be linked to local economic conditions;
  • Ensuring all of the material developed and distributed through this public outreach program would be made available through the Towns’ websites;
  • Including Internet Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping component to enable the use of colorful and informative maps and to allow users to view data specifically for Spruce Creek;
  • Organizing a Spruce Creek Festival in 2009 to celebrate the successful projects and improved health and water quality of the watershed; and
  • Assisting Grant Manager in submitting copies of all newspaper articles, brochures, presentations and outreach material including pre and post citizen surveys, and summary of septic socials.

Community Outreach Team Members & Advisors

The following are team leaders and members, as well as any technical advisors for this team.

Team Members Organization/Affiliation
Phyllis Ford (Leader) Steering Committee, SCA
Barney Hoop SCA
Janet Dunham SCA
Johanna Mangion SCA
Jude Battles Robert’s Maine Grill & Bob’s Clam Hut (Events)
Marcia Griffith SCA
Marty Rea SCA
Technical Advisor Organization/Affiliation
Carolyn Hanson SCA
Karen Young SCA


Outreach Events

Creek Man: The Unbelievable True Story of the Accordion-Playing Merman

May 7-10 and 14-17, 2009
Reading Room, York Harbor


A hilarious and fascinating evening of storytelling, music, and environmental message. Sredzienski, a 2006 Grammy nominee and popular host of the weekly radio show “Polka Party” since 1987, is acknowledged as one of the American masters of the accordion. He is also an eco-activist widely known for his “hobby” – heroic mid-winter swims of the tidal creeks of the Piscataqua basin, where he has excavated objects dating back to the 17th century. He made even bigger waves in 2007 when he swam seven miles to the Isles of Shoals in 9-degree weather, a feat that required months of training and a self-customized blend of high-tech swim gear. Some believe him to be an amphibious creature, and he is known to many citizens of the Seacoast as simply “The Creek Man”.

This original show offers Sredzienski a new stage for his extraordinary talents as he spins tales from his vaudeville career (beginning at age 10), offers hilarious and up-close portraits of sea creatures from monkfish to snapping turtles, and shares hair-raising accounts of his fabled swims. Including original songs such as “Get Yourself a New Hobby” and “Tidal River”, CREEK MAN will be hilarious, fascinating, and, like its star and subject, one-of-a-kind.

For more information on show times visit To make reservations for “Creek Man”, email, or call (207) 439-5769 x4. Be sure to indicate the date and time of the performance you wish to attend, the number in your party, and your contact information, including phone number and/or email address. Your reservation will be confirmed by return email or phone call.

Spruce Creek Association Annual Meeting: Maine Birds of Prey

Wednesday, May 13th at 6:30 pm
Downstairs Conference Room, Kittery Trading Post, Kittery


Please join the Spruce Creek Association for the (somewhat) annual meeting. After a brief update on their activities, Karen McElmurry, Executive Director of the Center for Wildlife Protection in York, will give a presentation on Maine’s birds of prey, including a visit by some of the raptors from the Center. Learn about the kinds of birds of prey found in Maine, their habitats, habits, place in the food chain, and why we need to protect them. Meet some of the raptors and learn more about human impacts on wildlife and critical ecosystems, and how you can become stewards taking action to protect these valuable natural resources in the Seacoast region, which faces intense pressure from development and population growth.

Gundalow to Visit Kittery Point


Saturday, May 16th – 9:00am to 12:00pm
Kittery Point Town Pier
90 Pepperrell Rd (Route 103)
Kittery Point, Maine – Free Admission


Gundalow (middle boat) at Kittery Point ca. late 1800s/early 1900s. Photo courtesy Frank Frisbee, Sr

The gundalow Captain Edward H. Adams will be open for tours. Come learn some fascinating facts about the historic flat-bottomed cargo vessel, once common in the tidal rivers and bays of the Piscataqua region, and used by the Frisbee Store to deliver goods along Chauncey and Spruce Creek. Visitors will also have a chance to learn about water quality issues facing Spruce Creek and the Piscataqua River estuary. In this area where the gundalow once sailed, we all, knowingly and unknowingly, contribute pollutants to nearby bodies of water with our suburban and industrial lifestyle. For more information call 439-2492.

Special thanks to the sponsors of the gundalow visit to Kittery Point: Marcia Gibbons, Rhett & Carol Austell, Gail Simons and Steve Bos, Donnajean Ahigian, Sandy Domina Associates, Peter & Suzanne Bowman, John Robbins & Shaye McGann, Kent Allyn, and John Pearson; and to The Gundalow Company.