SCWIP Phase 1: Monitoring Team

Monitoring Team Overview

The Monitoring Team will estimate NPS pollutant load reductions and resources protected as a result of project activities.

Grant Funding $3,350
Match $244
Total Cost $3,594

The grant funding will cover 60 hours of York County Soil & Water Conservation District (YCSWCD) Technical advisor time and approximately 20 hours for the grant manager. This time will also be used for pollutant load reduction assessment. The matching funds include volunteer activities from the Kittery Shellfish Commission (KSC) and Spruce Creek Association (SCA) conducting ongoing monitoring activities.

Volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Recording appropriate field measurements during design or installation of BMPs at NPS sites to prepare written estimates of pollutant load reductions.
  • Assisting Grant Manager in the production of two semiannual reports to the Maine DEP.

Technical Advisors and Grant Manager responsibilities: include:

  • Developing and reporting pollutant load reduction estimates.
  • Preparing estimates for all NPS sites, if there is not an applicable estimation method for a given site.
  • Employing approved methods such as the EPA Region 5 Load Estimation Model (see website and/or the federal WEPP Road Model (
  • Summarizing the results on a standard form provided by DEP titled “Pollutants Controlled Report” (PCR) to be submitted to the DEP Agreement Administrator, by December 31 of each year, until project completion.
  • Keeping documentation of the estimation procedures used for each NPS site in the Grantee project file and ensuring they are available for DEP/EPA review.

Monitoring Team Activity Dates & Commitments

Task Estimated Date(s)
First Steering Team & Project Launch Meeting June 23, 2008
Monitoring Team Launch Meeting July 23, 2008
Assist in producing Semiannual Report May 2009
Assist in producing Semiannual Report November 2009


Monitoring Team Members, Project Partners, & Advisors

The following are team leaders and members, as well as any technical advisors for this team.

Team Members Organization/Affiliation
Phyllis Ford SCA
Forrest Bell FB Environmental
  Kittery Shellfish Conservation Commission
Project Partners           Organization/Affiliation
  GIS Coordinator, Town of Kittery
  Maine Department of Marine Resources