SCWIP Phase 1: Resources Team


The Resources Team will be responsible for recruiting volunteers to assist in the “staffing” of project team work. Additionally, the Resources Team will work to identify and develop relationships with vendors and businesses to serve as resources and incentives of goods and services for use by all the project teams.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing and maintaining a list of volunteer participants and their interests.
  • Soliciting volunteers from Kittery and Eliot organizations.
  • Identifying and staffing for particular skill sets (i.e. public speaking, GIS, landscaping, engineers, etc.).
  • Working with Community Outreach and Project Teams to identify volunteer “staffing” needs.
  • Identifying and nurturing relationships with partners and vendor to facilitate goods, materials, and other sponsorship opportunities.
  • Helping with the staffing for the Spruce Creek Festival in 2009 to celebrate the successful projects and improved health and water quality of the watershed.
  • Assisting Grant Manager with tracking volunteer participation and other in-kind and cash-value matches.

Resource Team Activity Dates & Commitments

Task Estimated Date(s)
First Steering Team & Project Launch Meeting June 23, 2008
Resources Team Launch Meeting July 23, 2008
Solicit interests and skills from SCA member July 2008
Work with all project teams to identify volunteer staffing needs July 2008 – March 2010
Work with all project teams to coordinate vendors and businesses participation and donations (goods and services) July 2008 – March 2010


Resource Team Members & Advisors

The following are team leaders and members, as well as any technical advisors for this team.

Team Members Organization/Affiliation
Paula Ledgett (Leader) Steering Committee, SCA
Kent Allyn Resident
Jude Battles Robert’s Maine Grill & Bob’s Clam Hut
Joanne Charles Resident
Chris Kelly Resident
Clayton Smith Eliot Conservation Commission