SCWIP Phase 1: Steering Team


The Steering Team guided project activities and monitor the activities of each of the teams.

Grant Funding $3,920
Match $9,112
Total Cost $13,032

The grant funding covered approximately 60 hours of the Grant Manager and 40 hours of assistance from YCSWCD. The Match funds came from the volunteers and participant’s time in attending the four Steering Team meetings throughout the project.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the SCWIP-I project goals and objectives are met
  • Providing ongoing support and guidance to the other teams
  • Promoting collaboration with other organizations
  • Attending in-person Steering Team meetings at least once a year
  • Attending Team meetings when necessary
  • Reviewing all relevant documents prior to Steering Team meetings
  • Reviewing on meeting minutes
  • Taking on assigned action items
  • Assisting Grant Manager in the production of two semiannual reports to the Maine DEP

Activity Dates & Commitments

The following are estimated times and dates for various team activities.

Task Estimated Date(s)
First Steering Team & Project Launch Meeting June 23, 2008
Individual Project Team Launch Meetings July 23, 2008
Second Steering Team Meeting March 2009
Assist in producing Semiannual Report May 2009
Third Steering Team Meeting June 2009
Assist in producing Semiannual Report November 2009
Fourth Steering Team Meeting March 2010


Steering Team Members & Advisors

The following are team leaders and members, as well as any technical advisors for this team.

Team Members Organization/Affiliation
Sue Cobler (Leader) 319 Grant Manager, Town of Kittery
Forrest Bell FB Environmental / York County Soil and Water Conservation District (YC-SWCD)
Jonathan Carter Town Manager, Town of Kittery
Phyllis Ford Steering Committee, Spruce Creek Association
Paula Ledgett Steering Committee, Spruce Creek Association
Technical Advisor Organization/Affiliation
Don Kale Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)